Here we go again!

Spain faces a new lockdown with curfew measures in place. Political tension, economic depression: where do we find hope in the storm?

The promise of hope

Rainbows represent a promise of hope. Solidarity and kindness to one another has given many people hope during lockdown: food banks, people making homemade masks and PPE out of rubbish bags or visors on 3D printers. Every act of kindness helps! What can you do?

La promesa de la esperanza

El arco iris representa una promesa de esperanza. La solidaridad y la ayuda a los demás está aportando esta esperanza a muchos durante la crisis. Bancos de alimentos, mascarillas, mesas solidarias… todo cuenta.

Spain is in mourning

Spain is in mourning. Loss of life, economic downturn, political and social tension. What does the future hold?

España está de luto

España lleva tiempo de luto. Luto por casi 30.000 muertos en este tiempo de virus y también por los empleos perdidos, los sueños rotos y el temor a lo que el futuro nos depara.

Two brothers survive coronavirus

José Pablo and Juan Sánchez, brothers, were both hospitalised at the same time, in different hospitals in Madrid. They tell the story of how their faith in God comforted and strengthened them as they fought for their lives against the coronavirus

Dos hermanos sobreviven al coronavirus

José Pablo y Juan Sánchez, hermanos, fueron ingresados a la vez en distintos hospitales de Madrid. Cuentan como su fe en Dios les consoló y fortaleció en su lucha por sobrevivir el coronavirus

Todo es mejor con música

En medio de la cuarentena, dos vecinas deciden ofrecer a sus vecinos un concierto en el patio de la urbanización.

Bill and Marie Eddy on lockdown

One Spanish family, 12 members affected by the Covid-19 virus, some hospitalised with very serious symptoms. All of them have now recovered.

La familia Eddy Sánchez

Una sola familia española, 12 miembros afectados por el Covid-19, algunos de forma muy grave. Todos se han recuperado.

Life on Lockdown

Reflections about the first weeks of lockdown in Spain in March-April 2020 due to the global pandemic of Covid-19.

Crónicas de la cuarentena

Reflexiones sobre las primeras semanas de la cuarentena en marzo -abril 2020 por la pandemia mundial del Covid-19


Doors symbolise opportunities. Should we push them open or just wait for the right one to go through?

Ode to a Pine Tree

You were already here when we came. Who knows for how long? You stood tall and elegant as the first neighbours arrived with their keys, opening the door to their new homes, spirits bright with hope for the future. A silent witness to our lives. For 21 years you have stretched your branches up to…


Visita al pueblo marinero de Combarro, Pontevedra, Galicia.

Stories of Uganda

Although a team of nine of us went to Uganda, many other people were involved in the planning, providing financial and practical support, praying for us and encouraging us. The trip was only possible thanks to the help of our YWAM base, family, friends and churches. A big thank you to everyone who donated, prayed…


God shows up in Katwe Slum to bring healing and show compassion to a girl we called “Cinderella”.


Dios visita el barrio marginal de Katwe y trae sanidad y amor a una niña que llamamos “Cenicienta”.

Uganda: first impressions

Uganda: green and red. A land of contrasts, abundant vegetation, fertile soil and extreme poverty.

La promesa del almendro

El almendro es uno de los primeros árboles en florecer, contiene la idea de anticipar, de llegar antes de tiempo. Es como una promesa que se va a hacer realidad.

Oswald Chambers

“I have chosen you” (John 15:16). Keep that note of greatness in your creed. It is not that you have got God, but that He has got you.  My Utmost for His Highest, October 25, 837 R Oswald Chambers never disappoints. I have read his devotionals regularly over the past 40 years and he is still…

Un día gris

Poema del 14-N, día de la huelga general europea en 2012. Poem written in Spanish on 14 November 2012, day of anti-austerity strikes across Europe.


Beautiful Burtigny in the Swiss alps

Palabras, palabras, palabras…

Escribir es invitar al lector a dar un paseo por lo más profundo de nuestra mente. Roberto Martínez Guzmán Palabras, palabras, palabras. Han sido mis herramientas. Palabras, idiomas, libros. Editora, interprete, lingüista traductora, y ahora, ¿me atrevo a llamarme escritora? Escribir siempre ha formado una parte de mi vida de alguna manera u otra y…

Words, words, words…

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein Words, words, words. These have been the tools of my trade. Words, language, books. Editor, interpreter, linguist, translator, and now, dare I say, even writer? Writing has always been a part of my life in one form or another and over the past…