Cairo: First Impressions

The Cairo Chronicles: a new feature series of our adventures in Cairo. First impressions of visiting Egypt during the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2021.

Día del Padre

¿Qué no se puede viajar? ¡No pasa nada! Celebramos el día del padre en casa con un brunch estupendo.

Here we go again!

Spain faces a new lockdown with curfew measures in place. Political tension, economic depression: where do we find hope in the storm?

Spain is in mourning

Spain is in mourning. Loss of life, economic downturn, political and social tension. What does the future hold?

Two brothers survive coronavirus

José Pablo and Juan Sánchez, brothers, were both hospitalised at the same time, in different hospitals in Madrid. They tell the story of how their faith in God comforted and strengthened them as they fought for their lives against the coronavirus

Dos hermanos sobreviven al coronavirus

José Pablo y Juan Sánchez, hermanos, fueron ingresados a la vez en distintos hospitales de Madrid. Cuentan como su fe en Dios les consoló y fortaleció en su lucha por sobrevivir el coronavirus