Doors are always fascinating and Prague is a city full of interesting doors. I love the art nouveau doors at the Municipal Hall and the elaborate carved ones around the city. The brilliant blue door just demands to be noticed!

Doors symbolise opportunities.

Doors can be open or shut. Some you just need to push a little and they swing wide open and you can walk through to a new season or a new adventure.

Others are so heavy they never seem to open however hard you try and it can be frustrating. Perhaps it requires a little more effort or the help of a friend or, if it really is so unyielding, maybe you just need to let it go?

Sometimes I have tried to force doors to open and the results have not been good. Either I realised I was out of my depth in a situation I had manoeuvred my way into or, once the door was open and I walked through, the new opportunity did not live up to my expectations and I was disappointed.

But at other times, a door unexpectedly flew open and I found myself in a completely new situation that was fulfilling and satisfying. 

I have come to the conclusion that I need to find a balance between being too passive and just letting life happen and being too forceful because I think I want something that is perhaps not the best option for me. Navigating the currents of life is never easy and taking up opportunities or letting them go requires patience, skill and thinking things through. Sometimes, however, you just need to take a leap of faith and try something new.  

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