100 Days of War

100 days of war in Ukraine. 20% of the country under Russian control. Millions of refugees and internally displaced people. Yet Ukraine continues to resist and demonstrates incredible resilience and optimism.

Cairo: First Impressions

The Cairo Chronicles: a new feature series of our adventures in Cairo. First impressions of visiting Egypt during the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2021.

Immanuel, God with us

What is the true meaning of Christmas? Why did Jesus come? What does He ask of us today?

Emanuel, Dios con nosotros

¿Cuál es el verdadero significado de la Navidad? ¿Por qué vino Jesús? ¿Qué pide de nosotros hoy?

Día del Padre

¿Qué no se puede viajar? ¡No pasa nada! Celebramos el día del padre en casa con un brunch estupendo.

Here we go again!

Spain faces a new lockdown with curfew measures in place. Political tension, economic depression: where do we find hope in the storm?

The promise of hope

Rainbows represent a promise of hope. Solidarity and kindness to one another has given many people hope during lockdown: food banks, people making homemade masks and PPE out of rubbish bags or visors on 3D printers. Every act of kindness helps! What can you do?